1.5V and 9V Battery Tester

Here is the circuit diagram of battery tester designed by Matthew B.. This circuit can be used to measure the 1.5V and 9V battery. The circuit is very-very simple and very easy to built since it uses five resistors and a panel meter only, and of course it is inexpensive too.

1.5v to 9v battery tester circuit diagram

Components List:
R1 = 18K Ohm
R2 = 240 Ohm
R3 = 8.2K Ohm
R4 = 3K Ohm
R5 = 10 Ohm
M1 = Panel Meter (Anyone will work)

Design Issues to consider:
It’s possible you have test with the values of R3 and R4 to have a precise reading from the meter. Every meter is different, so a little bit of experiencing using the resistor values is needed. Experiment by using a variable resistor instead of R3 & R4 to get a value of resistance that works.

One thought on “1.5V and 9V Battery Tester

  1. Robert Cooper

    Good stuff. I will build a couple of these circuits. Thanks.

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