140W Power Amplifier

The following is a circuit of a power amplifier 140W. This Circuit using 741 IC-based circuit opAmp as strengthening early before the final strengthening by four transistors thereafter. Make sure you use a heatsink on the transistors to reduce excess heat in the transistors.

140W Power Amplifier circuit diagram

Power supply used is the type of dual polarity power supply with (+), (-) and (0). For maximum performance, use a stabilized power supply with 40V output voltage and output current of 5A. Do not forget to use the good speakers to get good audio output as well .. 🙂

Good luck …

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3 thoughts on “140W Power Amplifier

  1. dar

    wrong emitter collector tap in the output pnp transistor..the emitter should be tap in the resistor .47 going to vcc section

  2. Shehab Ezzat

    this is good circuit diagram but something wrong look this NPN , PNP the No. of 2n3055 & mj2955 and the all. transistor.
    Thank you

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