20W Bridge Amplifier using TDA7240A

This is a simple 20W bridge amplifier based on TDA7240A. This circuit is designed for car audio system, but you may use this circuit for your small home audio application… πŸ™‚ .

Schematic Diagram:

20W Bridge Amplifier circuit diagram

This circuit operated with 18VDC asymmetrical power supply (positive (+) and ground only). Mount the power IC on a heatsink to prevent over heating.

PCB Layout:

20W Bridge Amplifier PCB layout using TDA7240A

About TDA7240A:
The TDA7240A is a 20W bridge audio amplifier IC designed specially for car radio applications. The low external component count and compact Heptawatt 7-pin power package the TDA7240A occupies little space on the printed circuit board.

Reliable operation is guaranteed by a comprehensive array of on-chip protection features. These include protection against AC and DC output short circuits (to ground and across the load), load dump transients, and junction over temperature. Additionally, the TDA7240A protects the loudspeaker when one output is short-circuited to ground.

Download TDA7240A datasheet for circuit reference.

3 thoughts on “20W Bridge Amplifier using TDA7240A

  1. circuit diagram Post author

    there is no component part list because the components value already descripted on the schematic diagram image.

  2. jaypee

    this 20W Bridge Amplifier using TDA7240A circuit diagram is nice!!
    but where is the component list?

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