2 x 1.2W Dual Power Amplifier with KA2214

This is another stereo / dual power amplifier circuit with power IC KA series. This amplifier delivers dual power output (stereo) at 1.2W for each channel. General

2x1.2W Dual Power Amplifier with KA2214 circuit diagram

The KA2214 is a monolithic integrated dual audio power amplifier in a 14-pin plastic dual in line package. It is designed portable audio sets.

Power IC KA2214 Features:

  • Wide operating supply voltage range: Vcc=3V~13V
  • Output power:
    Po = 1.2W at 9V/8?/THD = 10%
    Po = 1.6W at 9V/4?/THD = 10%
    Po = 2W at 12V/8?/THD = 10%
  • Good ripple rejection ratio: 50dB (Typ)
  • Low quiescent circuit current: 10mA (Vcc=9V)
  • Minimum number of external parts required

Download the KA2214 power amplifier datasheet:

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