2x1W Stereo Amplifier with IC KA2209

This is 2x1W stereo amplifier circuit based on single IC KA2209. IC KA2209 is an equivalent IC to the TDA2822, you can use TDA2822 if you can’t find KA2209. It is ideal for battery powered operation since the supply required for this circuit is 2V to 9VDC. Power output depends critically on speaker resistance & supply voltage. At 3V into 4 ohm speakers the power is 0.1W. At 6V into 4 ohm speakers it is 0.65W. At 9V it is over 1W.

2x1W Stereo Amplifier with IC KA2209 circuit diagram

Components List:

R1 R2_______10K
R3 R4_______4R7
C1__________10uF mini
C2, C3______470uF/16V
C4, C5______100uF/25V
C6, C7______100nF
IC socket___8 pin

The kit for this stereo audio amplifier circuit is available at elektronickits.com
Download 2x1W Stereo Amplifier with IC KA2209 circuit tutorial here:

The KA2209 is a monolithic integrated audio amplifier in a 8-Pin plastic Dual in line package.

KA2209 Features:

  • Wide operating supply voltage:Vcc=1.8V-9V
  • Low crossover distortion
  • Low quiescent circuit current
  • bridge/stereo configuration

Download KA2209 datasheet here:

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