2 x 30W Audio Amplifier with STK-465

Here is the simple 2 x 30W audio amplifier with STK-465 power IC. Simple circuit with higher power output, this amplifier circuit is very easy to build. Just look at the PCB layout of this circuit.. 🙂 . The active component required is just the main power amplifier chip STK-465.

Schematic diagram:

2x30W Audio Amplifier with STK465 circuit diagram

This is a stereo audio system application. A STK-465 amplifier capable to deliver 2 x 30W audio output at 8 ohm loudspeaker and 2 x 40W using 4 ohm loadspeaker.

Components list:

R1 = 1K
C1 = 1uF/35V
R2 = 3,3K
C2 = 470pF
R3 = 100
C3 = 100uF/60V
R4 = 330
C4 = 100uF/60V
R5 = 3,3K
C5 = 10uF/60V
R6 = 1K
C6 = 47uF/60V
R7 = 0,33
C7 = 8,2pF
R8 = 33k
C8 = 0,1uF
R9 = 4,7
C9 = 1uF/35V
R10 = 1k
C10 = 470pF
R11 = 3,3k
C11 = 100uF/60V
R12 = 100
C12 = 100uF/60V
R13 = 330
C13 = 10uF/60V
R14 = 3,3k
C14 = 47uF/60V
R15 = 1k
C15 = 8,2pF
R16 = 0,33
C16 = 0,1uF
R17 = 33k
R18 = 4,7
IC1 = STK465
LS1 = Speaker 40W 8 or 4 Ohm

PCB Layout:

2x30W Audio Amplifier with STK465 pcb design

Component placement:

2x30W Audio Amplifier with STK465 top pcb

This circuit uses dual polarity power supply to work. Maximum supply voltage is 41V while the recommended supply voltage is 28V.

Sample Scheme of Dual Polarity Power Supply:

Symmetrical Dual Polarity Power Supply Circuit

Download STK-465 datasheet You will need the datasheet for project reference.

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