35W Power Amplifier with STK-082

Here the great 35W power amplifier with single IC STK-082 from Sanyo Semiconductor. Simple circuit with high power output.. 🙂

35W Power Amplifier STK082

This circuit uses symmetrical (dual polarity) power supply with maximum power voltage is 43V based on the datasheet document. The recommended voltage operation is +/- 30V. For stereo application, you just need to build two similar circuit. Use minimum 2A center tap transformer for stereo channel amplifier.

Use this kind of dual polarity power supply circuit:

Symmetrical Dual Polarity Power Supply Circuit

STK082 Features:

  • @lMST, l Channel? by 2 Power Supplies
  • Differential amp. constantc current driving.
  • Capable of tone controlling.

Download the STK-082 datasheet from the following link:

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