3V-30V/3A Adjustable Regulated Power Supply

The circuit diagram of 3V-30V/3A adjustable regulated power supply. This is an adjustable and regulated power supply with stabilized DC voltage between 3V and 30V provided that the consumption does not exceed 3A direct current. This circuit featured with short circuit protection and overload protection.

3V-30V/3A Adjustable Regulated Power Supply

This power supply unit can be used for general purposes, as long as the maximum specifications are taken into account.

Power Supply Technical Data:

  • Short circuit protected
  • Overload protected
  • Output voltage: adjustable 3 to 30V stabilized.
  • Output current: max. 3A
  • Output ripple voltage: 0.5mV.
  • Input: 9 to 30V transformer, depending on the desired output

Download the manual of this circuit include the schematic and part list from the following link:

Kit Version:
3-30V 3A power supply kit

4 thoughts on “3V-30V/3A Adjustable Regulated Power Supply

  1. Henry

    Hi, I need help.
    I thought this power supply is truly adjustable, but I don’t understand, is it? I’ve assembled it, the output voltage is always 17V , almost same as on C5. RV1 doesn’t adjust anything.
    Could you help me please?
    Should it be adjustable?

  2. naveen verma

    show the exact fig of ferro-resonant power supply

  3. Muhammad Asim

    i want a circuit which charge the 12v and 7amp battery and 12v dc to ac 220 circuit

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