50 Watt Power Audio Amplifier

Here the circuit diagram of 50W power amplifier. The amplifier uses a pair of power transistors that are MJ2955 and 2N3055 to amplify the input signal. You must use a heatsink on those transistors. The below design diagram uses for single input/output channel, just built two similar circuit to make it dual channel (stereo).

Schematic diagram:

50 Watt Power Amplifier circuit diagram

50 Watt Power Amplifier circuit diagram

PCB layout:

50 Watt Power Amplifier circuit diagram

Power Supply Circuit:

This amplifier require dual polarity output power supply (+, ground and -). Use this power supply circuit:

dual output power supply circuit diagram

Transformer: 3-5 Ampere, 24V secondary output
Diode: Diode bridge 5A or 4 piece of single diode 5A

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  1. platinynsiala

    vrement jai vous aime baucoups avec de bell schema

  2. baby cyka

    is it really 4,700uF for each capacitor in the power supply circuit?

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