5W Simple Inverter

Here’s a very simple circuit inverter that converts DC current into AC current, from 12V DC to 220V AC with output power of 5W max.

5W Simple Inverter circuit diagram

Inverter circuit is typically used for emergency lighting, since the power output is small, which is about 5W only. But you can use this inverter for other purposes that do not require large electric power such as mobile phone charger, small lamp/LED lamp, etc. Don’t use this circuit for electronic appliances which consume high power, of course it will not works.

You may use 12V lead acid battery for this circuit.

5W simple inverter circuit source:

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  1. Engr. paschal


  2. pavan

    sir,i m final year engg student….i neeed to know the circuit diagram for a low cost inverter for 500watts….plz help me in getting this…thank u

  3. shiva shrestha

    dear sir i’m not abl 2 find any component of electronic ckt diagram of light sensetiv alram. Plz help me.

  4. abdulwahid

    plz give me circuit of simple inverter 12vdc to 220vac

  5. Agnel Antony

    I couldnt get the required output, I am gettiny only 6.0 v AC as output

  6. ishola

    pls hlp me on hw to create thngs on ma own.for example i would lyk to know hw toput those diagraminto use

  7. cosmarvin

    hey, cn u help me here? i need a full schematic diagram on 40w dc choke here. any circuit will do. pls do reply. ASAP.

  8. Duane Morris

    Great to hear that you have shared this circuit to everyone..I’ll give a thumps up for the good work done.

  9. Adejumo adebusoye

    its a very good idea but here in Nigeria, we find it difficult to get the circuit component. I’ll be very great if anyone can get them 4 me over there and reach me on +2347060874984.

  10. devendra tiwari

    dear respected sir i’m student of npi in nepal i need a scametic daigram of 750va ups plese help me

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