80W Power Audio Amplifier with LM12

This is the circuit diagram of 80W power audio amplifier based on power IC LM12. The circuit kit is sold at electronic part/component store, the design is proven to be valid and work. This amplifier use dual polarity power supply to operate.

Here the Amplifier Circuit Diagram:

80W  Audio Amplifier circuit with LM12

Here the PCB layout:

PCB layout for 80w Power Amplifier LM12

About LM12:
The LM12 is a power op amp capable of driving +25V at? +10A while operating from +30V supplies. The monolithic? IC can deliver 80W of sine wave power into a 4X load with? 0.01% distortion. Power bandwidth is 60 kHz. Further, a? peak dissipation capability of 800W allows it to handle reactive? loads such as transducers, actuators or small motors? without derating. Important features include:

  • Input protection
  • Controlled turn on
  • Thermal limiting
  • Overvoltage shutdown
  • Output-current limiting
  • Dynamic safe-area protection

Download the LM12 datasheet from below link:

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