Analog Flip-Flop

Here the analog flip-flop circuit which built based on 2 transistors work as switch. This is very easy made and very cheap circuit. You can use this circuit as “the first project” for your students… 🙂

Analog flip-flop circuit diagram

and the result should be like this:

Flip Flop Schematics

Replace the Resistor 10K with variable resistor 20K or replace the electrolytic capacitor 100uF with other value for change the frequency of LED’s flash.

Flip flop PCB layout:

Flip Flop Schematics

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6 thoughts on “Analog Flip-Flop

  1. Mr. Smack

    ahahaha…… //http.www.kill with

    I can do this project by my own….. ^_^

    try it also by your self…

  2. James

    I’m looking for a time dependent characteristic ODE for this circuit, as it would make an excelent example for state space analysis.

  3. Mir Mehedi Hasan

    How Can make a s-r or another types of flip-flop in this circuit.
    Plz Help me.
    I go make a pseudo generator in my lab project.

  4. can

    i need more electronic diagrams and thank you so much ffor th ones have provided.

  5. Arnold

    You can replace the resistor (470R) and the led with an relay (including a diode!).
    that way you can switch about anything you’re mind can think off.

  6. Electronic Circuit

    It’s so easy and funny electronic circuit.Thanks for your share. I will try it with 7 led.

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