Axe Grinder Electric Guitar Effect

Here the schematic diagram of Axe Grinder Electric Guitar Effect pedal. You may download the PDF version at the end of the post.

Axe grinder guitar effect circuit diagram

The Axe Grinder is designed with a few key fetures in mind, it not only serves a wide range of distortion sounds clipping part of the effect, it also gives the user the ability to overload their amp with a greatly boosted clean tone.

The distorted tone and pure tones can be blended to adjust its extra. Moreover, the tone controls only affect the signal distortion, which leaves intact the pure signal. “Cancel” switch allows your guitar signal to circumvent the effect completely.

Potensiometer Function:

  • 5k Pot – Tone Control
  • 500k Pot – Distortion Intensity
  • 100k Pot (by tone) – Distortion Level
  • 100k Pot (by IC2c) – Clean Level

Switch Function:

  • S1 – Cancel Effect
  • S2 – Full Intensity

The Axe Grinder might be a pretty routine fuzz if it weren’t for a couple of subtle but significant features. Like a Distortion Intensity Knob that provides smooth control of clipping from just a hint when you really get in on to pure square waves when you even think of picking.

And the Distortion Tone, Distortion Level and Clean Level controls are like having a built in mixer and EQ, letting you precisely set the amount of distortion and its tone as well as the mix of clean and distorted signal. You probably never realized you could get so many sounds from a “simple” fuzz.

Download Axe Grinder Electric Guitar Effect from the following link:

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