Basic Dual Polarity Power Supply

Symmetrical Dual Polarity Power Supply Circuit
This is a very basic dual polarity power supply circuit diagram, it also called symmetrical power supply or split power supply. Basically, it just need the following components:

  • A Center Tapped Transformer
  • Diode rectifier 4 units (or diode bridge 1 unit)
  • Electrolityc capacitor 4 units

Dual Polarity Power Supply Usage Example

The value of each component are depending on your needs. For example, if you need dual polarity power supply to supply an 100W amplifier circuit which need 32V voltage supply, then the recommendation are as follow:

  • Transformer: 3A center tapped transformer 24V – 0 – 24V.
  • Diode rectifier 1N5402 : 4 units
  • Electrolityc capacitor (elco) 4700uF/50V – 6800uF/50V : 4 units

With above component’s value, the power supply will be able to handle 100W output load.

Basic Dual Polarity Power Supply Circuit Note: Based on above scheme, the ground is connected to the “E” mark. The “E” is the center of the transformer. In center tap transformer, there are some outputs that have same values (24V for example) and an output which has 0 output. The ground (E) should be connected to 0 of transformer output.

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