CD/DVD/Bluray-Disk Drives Troubleshooting and Repair Tutorial

This is the CD Drives troubleshooting and repair tutorial for your electronic service reference. It should be work and also largely relevant for DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray equipment.

Troubleshooting and Repair of CD DVD Bluray Disk

This document was developed specifically for the troubleshooting and repair of the CD players in component stereo systems, compact stereos, boomboxes, car units and portables, as well as CDROM drives (including the Sony Playstation).
The primary differences between these types will relate to how the disc is loaded – portables usually are top loaders without a loading drawer or tray:
However, as a result of the level of miniaturization required for portables and to a lesser extent, CDROM drives, everything is tiny and most or all of the electrical components are surface mounted on both sides of an often inaccessible printed circuit board with the entire unit assembled using screws with a mind of their own and a desire to be lost.

For other types:

  • Laserdisc players and optical disk storage units have much in common with CD players with respect to the mechanical components and front-end electronics. Therefore, the information contained in this document can represent a starting point for their troubleshooting as well. However, they may include additional servo systems (optical pickup tilt, for example), as well as additional and/or different signal processing subsystems.
  • DVD (Digital Versatile – or Video – Disc) players (which are just now becoming widely available), will suffer from many of the same problems as CDs and Laser Discs. Thus, a familiarity with the operating and repair of current technology will give you a head start on the amazing wonders (and similarly amazing problems) to come. There is a great deal of information on DVD technology in the DVD FAQ. Electronics Now, December, 1997, has a nice article by Steven J. Bigelow covering everything from the DVD format to installing and using a DVDROM drive in your PC.

Download Document: CD/DVD/Bluray-Disk Drives Troubleshooting and Repair Tutorial

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