Current Output Multiplier for 78xx Regulator

This is the circuit diagram of current output multiplier designed for regulator IC LM78xx. By default, the regulator ID 78xx series will give maximum current output 1A – 1.5A. To increase the current output of this regulator, you may consider to build this circuit. The circuit is simple, easy built and inexpensive.

doubling electric current output for 78xx regulator

Parts list:
R1, R2 = 4.7 K
C1, C2 = 4700 uF / 16V
C3 = 47,000 uF / 35V
D1,D2, D3 = 1N5401 ( 3 Amp Diodes )
D4 & D5 – Light Emitting Diodes (LED)**
IC1, IC2 – 78xx series regulator IC ( 7805 for 5V, 7812 for 12V etc.)

Nothing critical here. Detail instruction: go to this page

My Notes:

  • The original circuit source said that the diode is 1N4003 (3A diodes). That’s is a mistake, the correct diodes should be 1N5401. 1N4003 is 1A diode with higher voltage.
  • Schottky diodes is recommended.

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