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LAN Tester

This LAN tester circuit originally designed by Vassilis Stergiopoulos. This LAN tester circuit optionally has two designs. The first design is built based 2 main ICs that are timer IC555 and decade counter 4017. The second design is based microcontroller chip ATtiny2313 (the other kind of microcontroller should be work). The first design circuit (555… Read More »

USB Powered, Stereo Computer Speaker

This is the circuit diagram of USB powered stereo computer speaker, or it widely known as multimedia speakers for PCs. The circuit has single-chipbased design, low-voltage electrical power supply, compatibility with USB power from computer, simple heat-sinking, inexpensive, large flexibility and wide temperature tolerance. At the heart of the circuit is IC TDA2822M. This IC… Read More »

PCM2706 USB Sound Card

Here is the USB sound card circuit based on PCM2706 which dedicated for USB audio. With USB controller module inside PCM2706, there is no more additional programming to the IC. The computer system will automatically detect this circuit when connected to the USB port. You will get stereo audio channel output from this circuit. Schematic… Read More »

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