Electro Harmonix Fuzz-Wah Guitar Effect

Electro Harmonix Fuzz Wah circuit diagram

This is the electro harmonix fuzz-wah guitar effect pedal circuit diagram.

Circuit Notes:

  • Q1 & Q2 are 2n3565
  • Fuzz bypass S1 has been improved to provide true bypass
  • S3 chooses volume or wah-wah
  • S5 provides for sweep reverse
  • S2 gives just fuzz, just wah-wah / volume, or fuzz into wah-wah / volume
  • S4 sets tone of filter
  • D1 & D2 can be any signal diode

Electro-Harmonix is a New York-based company that makes high-end electronic audio processors and sells rebranded vacuum tubes. The company was founded by Mike Matthews in 1968. It is best known for a series of popular guitar effects pedals introduced in the 1970s and 1990s.

Download Electro Harmonix Fuzz-Wah Guitar Effect diagram in PDF file from the following link:

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