Electronic Dice Based Microcontroller Atmel AT89C2051

Electronic Dice based Microcontroller

LED arrangementThis is the circuit diagram of electronic dice which built based microcontroller chip of Atmel AT89C2051. The application of this electronic dice is similar to the one used in a game of dice. The circuit generates the random numbers which not displayed numerically, but represented by the number of glowing LEDs. The LEDs are the dot representation on the face of a dice. Suggested LED arrangement for the electronic dice display is shown on the right side.

This simple circuit -which come from EFY magazine- demonstrates the capability of an AT89C2051 microcontroller chip to function as a random number generator based on the flying counter principle. The program in the chip constantly updates the counter variable, which, on being interrupted by an external trigger, latches the counter value and displays a random number through its output ports. This method is similar to the one used in PCs or calculators for generating random numbers at any instance.

TL0 and TH0 act as free-wheeling counters in auto-increment mode and constantly count up from the initial value. When the interrupt occurs, the value from the counter is latched and glowing LEDs indicate the random number generated by the microcontroller chip. Assembly language is used for programming the chip. The Assembly code listing is self-explanatory.

Source Code: electronic dice source code

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