Flame, gas and smoke detector

Flame, gas and smoke detector for fire alarm. You can combine this circuit with alarm circuit. The output will be the relay which switch on and switch off the alarm.

Schematic diagram:
flame detector circuit

The list of components needed:

Flame, gas and smoke detector circuit diagram

The above scheme diagram is the diagram of flame detector. The circuit diagram for gas detector and smoke detector separated in different circuit design diagram which can be downloaded from the provided link.

All of schematic diagrams (flame detector, gas detector and smoke detector) are quite simple and easy to built. It uses 12V power supply to work, you may use batteries or accumulator or DC power supply for powering the circuit.

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    sir please sent me two zone fire alarm circuit diagram using smoke detector and sounder which i can perform practically. thanks

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    may i know type of sensor used in gas detection robot

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    Sir please sent me circuit diagram of wireless fire detector/alarm systen

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