Guitar Pre-Amp with JFET 2N5457

guitar pre-amp circuit

Designed by Don Tillman, this guitar pre-amp circuit design is dedicated for people who don”t like op-amps module. This circuit is a discrete JFET pre-amplifier design, use 2N5457 as the main component. It has low noise, low distortion, low feedback, overloads gracefully, is small, etc.

Overall gain is 3db (2X) or so. It uses about 1/2 ma, so a 9V battery will last a long time, you may also use simple regulated power supply with LM7809. It is possible to add a high boost switch in case you like by having it shunt the 2.2k ohm resistor with a 0.05uF cap (or other value; smaller cap = boosts only higher frequencies, as well as the reverse). You may simply placed in a 10uF capacitor across the 2.2k ohm resistor in order to up the gain.? You don”t like pre-amp circuit with op-amps..? then, just try to build this circuit. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Guitar Pre-Amp with JFET 2N5457

  1. jahir

    Hi dear how are you. This transistor are not availeable in our country. Please concern me for alternative transistor for replace here.

  2. circuit diagram Post author

    positive pin of capacitor must be connected to positive supply… 🙂
    i’m sorry i think you can’t replace the mosfet with original transistor.

  3. jahir Uddin

    Dear Don Tillman.
    Thank you for very simple guitar Pre-Amp circuit serving . It is very use full for new hand or new hobbyist.When I am make that time some problem faced and I think share with you. You are not shown capacitor polarity side in the circuit and if I change this transistor ,it is possible or not,if possible what number transistor I am use.Please assist me.I am waiting for your valuable concern.
    From Bangladesh

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