Low Cost Electronic Rat Repellent

Electronic Rat Repellent Circuit
After we present a circuit of electronic mosquito repellent, this time will be continued with a circuit of electronics that are not less interesting, that is electronic rat repellent circuit.

Actually the working principles of electronic mosquito repellent and mice repellent are exactly same, using echolocation disliked by both the animal. As we know, both types of animals are very distracting while in our house.

This electronic rat repellent circuit is very simple since it only uses a few different types of components. So for you who is currently studying, studying electronics, can try to practice makes this circuit because it is considered easier for beginners.

Just the information that the necessary components to built this circuit are very less, approximately less than 10 components. So it could be ascertained that the estimation of the price needed to make this series less than 5 bucks. Very suitable for beginners who want to practice making an electronic circuit.

The required components are the basic components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, IC 555, and output in the form of the speaker. So this is the speaker who can issue echolocation with a sweep of 50 Hz. The voice is the voice of the hated rats, so mice won’t dare draw near.

You do not need to worry because these sounds will not disturb your sleep. This sound will be loud in the ears of mice, but not for the human ear.

Electronic Rat Repellent Component List

  • R1: resistor 1K8
  • R2: resistor 1K
  • R3: resistor 5K6
  • R4: resistor 480R
  • C1: capacitor 2,2nF
  • C2: capacitor 0,022uF/6V
  • IC: timer 555Q: SC1162
  • Speaker: 4 ohm

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