Sound Generator with IC 555

This is a sound generator based on general purpose timer IC 555. A flip-flop circuit is included, so this circuit will give sound output and blinking LED. There are 2 modules in this circuit that are flip-flop / LED flasher module and sound generator circuit modules which combined in one schematic diagram. This is a… Read More »

2x90W Stereo Tube Power Amplifier with EL34

This document is the manual of 2x90W Stereo Tube Power Amplifier with EL34, model K4040 by Velleman. The document in PDF version contain of schematic diagram, part list, component guide, step by step how to build the circuit. This circuit is for advance hobbysts… 🙂

Mini AM Transmitter

This is the simple and low cost AM transmitter schematic diagram built using transistor BC109C. The circuit is in two halfs, an audio amplifier and an RF oscillator. The oscillator is built around Q1 and associated components. The tank circuit L1 and VC1 is tunable from about 500kHz to 1600KHz. These components can be used… Read More »

220V AC Lamp Touch Dimmer

Here the 220V AC lamp touch dimmer circuit. By only touching this touch dimmer you are able to increase the light intensity of incandescent lamps in three stages. The touch dimmer is designed all around 8-pin CMOS IC TT8486A/TT6061A especially produced for touch dimmer applications.

Beeper Sound

This is the circuit diagram of beeper sound. The circuit will generate the sound of a beeper which similar with the one in pagers. It produces a “beep-beep” sound. The work of this circuit is simple, the circuit applied the 555 timer oscillator which is turned ON and OFF periodically.

Lantern Dimmer and Flasher

Here is the circuit diagram of lantern dimmer / flasher designed by Tony Van Roon: There are two circuit modes: dimming and flashing. The flasher mode is useful for warning other drivers of your troubles and it may be adjusted to have a very short flash duration for long-term use as when the car must… Read More »

18 Watt Audio Amplifier with HA13118

This is a 18 Watt audio amplifier circuit based on power IC HA13118. The supply voltage required for this circuit is 8 – 18V DC, at least 1 to 2 Amps. Maximum output power will only be obtained with a power supply of 18V at greater than 2 A, using a 4 ohm speaker. The… Read More »

25W Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier based LM1875

Here the circuit diagram of 25 watt Hi-Fi (high fidelity) audio amplifier that build based on single power amplifier IC LM1875 that should be run using heatsink attached on its. Components List: R1 _____________ 1K R2 _____________ 1M R3 _____________ 22K R4 _____________ 10K R5 _____________ 180K R6 _____________ 1R IC1 ____________ LM1875 C1 _____________… Read More »

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