Passive Surround

This is the scheme diagram of passive surround circuit. Passive surround doesn’t need any active components and power supply to make the circuit works. The circuit just need the combination of resistors and electrolytic capacitors.

Passive Surround circuit diagram

Circuit Notes:

  • This passive surround circuit MUST be connected after power amplifier module.
  • Use full range type of loudspeaker. Do not use woofer or tweeter speakers for rear speakers.
  • Left Front and Right Front can be speaker box contains woofer and tweeter.
  • 5W resistors is a must, 1/4 or 1/2 watt resistor will make it burned.

Loud Speaker Position:
LF : Output > connect to Left Front Speaker
RF : Output > connect to Right Front Speaker
LR : Output > connect to Left Rear Speaker
RR : Output > connect to Right Rear Speaker

surround speaker placement

Switch operations:
1 : Quadrophonic
2 : Surround
3 : Stereo (passive surround deactivated, Rear Speakers disconnected)

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    Good.hw can increase my audio level signal,wit d help of component.

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    I really got impressed would I get friends so as 2 get more bout eleconics am a college electronic student in Nairobi KENYA 21 of age

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