Portable Audio Amplifier

This is simple portable audio amplifier circuit. This circuit built based on IC TEA2025 which is a monolithic integrated audio amplifier in a 16-pin plastic dual in line package manufactured by UTC. Circuit has Internal Thermal Protector. It is designed for portable cassette players, mp3 players and radios. You can also use it as your smartphone or PC audio amplifier. This circuit require 9V power supply to work, you may use a power supply circuit with output 9V @500mA DC current or a 9V lead acid battery.

Here is the portable audio amplifier schematic diagram for stereo audio input/output:

Stereo Portable Audio Amplifier circuit diagram

and here for mono audio input/output (bridge)

Mono Portable Audio Amplifier circuit diagram

Portable Audio Amplifier Specification

Stereo per channel
VCC=9V; RL=4 ohm/3W
VCC=9V; RL=8 ohm/2W

Bridge Application
VCC=9V; RL=8 ohm/5W
VCC=9V; RL=4 ohm/8W

Supply Voltage min = DC3v @ 500mA
Supply Voltage max = DC12v @ 500mA
Supply Voltage recommended = DC9v @500mA

Download TEA2025 datasheet document for your project reference:

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21 thoughts on “Portable Audio Amplifier

  1. damas felix

    sorry am diploma student in electronics i want to do portable amplifier as my project plz can u help for giving detail information and calculations of voltage;power;current etc?

  2. YIME

    I need to mono IC brand is rohm and function is 9 v5w but have a difficult is I don’t know what is the type and package, you can help me? See I have what kind of type is suitable for I use?

  3. mildx

    its realy work
    now begin make the volume from input and on/off switch
    i think the mono design for the bass and stereo design for the treble

  4. brian

    what is the blue rectangle with 47k symbolizing?
    is it a capacitor or a resistor???

  5. circuit diagram Post author

    – check the power supply
    – check the input signal, too weak signal makes low power output

  6. Rajesh

    I made this circuit run but volume is very low.how to increase the volume?
    and i used o/p capacitor is 0.22,63v placed .15,16v

  7. circuit diagram Post author

    because it handle a low resistance load (speaker).

  8. Icecul

    Hi, ave done this project and its working. Where shud i connect volume, bass and tone control knob?
    Also, can this circuit be cascaded with that of LA4508 circuit to boost on overal gain?

  9. sanket

    please tell me the value of potentiometer i need to use…..and also tell me where i should connect its treminals,because i dont know where input amp and output tone control is……please help

  10. sanket

    hey friend please show the same diagram of stereo amp with volume,bass control and power LED……because i am not good in electronics……i can understand with help of a diagram….

  11. circuit diagram Post author

    yes, it should be work for 4 ohm speaker.

    for volume control, use potensiometer. pin 1 > ground ; pin 2 > output (connected to input amplifier) ; pin 3 input (connected to output tone control/preamp).
    use 470ohm resistor series to LED connect to + and ground of power supply should be work for indicator…

  12. sanket

    please tell me if it will work well for 4ohm speakers….???

    also please provide a volume control and an LED indicator for the circuit…!!

  13. Dnyanesh D

    I am interested in having the theoreotical stuff of IC 2025….plz….

  14. circuit diagram Post author

    you can use 16v capacitor and 1/4 watt or 1/2 watt resistor

  15. adil

    what is the voltage value of capacitor and what is the power of resister {as example 1 watt or different}

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