Power Amplifier 2000 Watt

Power Amplifier 2000 Watt circuit diagram

This is linear power amplifier 2000 Watt which need advance knowledge in electronics since the schematic diagram is very complex for hand made circuit. I think you have to re-design the schematic diagram using circuit diagram software designer such as diptrace, eagle, expresspcb ect. Or just order the PCB online, they will be glad to make the PCB for you.

This kind of power amplifier circuit need high power consumption, so you need to build the power supply carefully. It need dual polarity power supply (+85, 0, -85) and of course with high DC current of about 20A.

Just need to think again if you want to build this kind of power amplifier 2000 Watt. 🙂

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129 thoughts on “Power Amplifier 2000 Watt

  1. Chad

    please, can u send me a full schematic diagram and foil; pattern of 2000 watts linear power amplifier and also a guide setting for step by step building of the said amplifier which is a true full 2000 watts per channel. I am wanting to recreate the Linear Power amplifiers I used in the 80’s/90’s for competition. These amps had the cleanest and deepest bass when paired with 15” subwoofers. I would appreciate the help. Thank you!

    E-mail: Chad.gaspard@forgesafety.com

  2. shadow gebone

    Sir fred can you give me pls the foil pattern of 2000watt power amp,schematic,parts list and complete guide for building the amp sir. Sir pls sir…..shadowg238@gmail.com

  3. Edward Okpase Dzormeku

    Sir I need 2000 watts power amplifier that uses supply voltage of 100 volt positive and negative supply and transistor of D5200 and A 1943 at the output.
    Thank you,

  4. Freeborn Umukoro

    Pls I am interested in the 2000watts dual channel amp.pls send me the complete sketch with the controls included. Tnks

  5. leo

    We are professional PCB maker in Shenzhen, current we offer $60 only for the standard prototype run with 3 days turnaround, do you interested on this? email: leo.liang@jetek-pcb.com or jetekpcb@outlook.de

  6. thomas

    Hello sir,i use to build amplifier chasis,but the output transistors provide so much heat,so please i would like to ask,if you could give a simple diagram with a very high voltage,eg 130 + and negative,

  7. manuel jadolco

    kindly send me pdf design of the pcb of 2000 wats my e-mail is zondigital219@gmail.com. thanks in advance

  8. sanay yoweri

    iam interested to build this amplifier but some connections are not clear eg connections to;speakers,volume control,graphic equalizers,power supply and some of circuits are seperated. so please help me to make clarifications

  9. Mahesh

    How we connect internal part of multimedia speakes intex IT-2000

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