Simple Electronic Muscular Stimulator

Muscular stimulator circuit

Here’s a circuit which stimulates nerves of the part of your body exactly where electrodes are generally attached. It is useful to help remedy headache along with muscular discomfort and bring back frozen muscles that impair movement. Though it offers muscles stimulation and invigoration, it”s mostly an aid in removing cellulitis. The device comprises 2 units: muscular stimulator and also timer.

Figure 1 exhibits the circuit with the muscular stimulator. IC 7555 is actually wired just as one astable multivibrator to build about 80Hz pulses. The particular output involving IC1 is fed to be able to transistor T1, whose emitter is actually further connected to the starting of transistor T2 via R3 as well as VR1. The enthusiast of transistor T2 is connected to one end of the secondary turning of transformer X1. The opposite end on the secondary winding from the transformer is connected to ground.

As soon as IC1 oscillates, transformer X1 is actually driven with the pulse frequencies generated to create high voltage in its principal terminals. Separate electrodes are linked with each end of the primary rotating of transformer X1. Diode 1N4007 (D1) safeguards transistor T2 towards high-voltage pulses generated by the transformer.

Using potensiometer VR1 you are able to control this intensity associated with current sensing in the electrodes. The brightness level of LED1 shows the amplitude with the pulses. If you want to increase your intensity level, replace the actual 1. 8-kilo-ohm resistor along with 5. 6 kilo-ohms or higher value around 10 kilo-ohms.

X1 is really a small mains transformer along with 220V principal to 12V, 100/150mA second. It has to be reverse connected, for example, connect your secondary winding for the collector involving T2 along with ground, and key winding on the output electrodes. The productivity voltage is concerning 60V but the output current is so small there’s no danger of electric powered shock.

Electrodes are constructed with small, thinguage material plates measuring about 2. 5?2. 5 cm2 in proportions. Use accommodating wires to help solder electrodes and get connected to the output of the device. Before hanging metal electrodes to the body, wipe them having a damp cloth. After affixing the electrodes to the body (with aid from elastic bands, flip switch S1 to be able to activate your circuit along with rotate the actual knob involving intensity-control predetermined VR1 incredibly slowly until you feel a slight tingling feeling.

Timer circuit

Figure 2 shows this timer world. It employs IC NE555 setup in monostable manner. Initially, once you press transition S2, the monostable triggers and its particular output will go high regarding 10 min’s. Thereafter, its production goes low to supply a beep sound in the piezobuzzer as well as lights the red LED (LED2) implying that excitement time is over.

Assemble the particular timer using a separate switch as well as a 9V DC battery inside same cabinet because stimulator. Tape your electrodes for the skin in opposite ends with the chosen lean muscle and move VR1 knob slowly unless you sense mild itching when the muscular excitement circuit is usually powered in. At once, flip transition S2 to get started on the timer for counting any time. At the finish of the actual timing period, the piezobuzzer beeps. Each and every session ought to last regarding 10 units.

Caution: Heart people and expectant mothers should not take advantage of this device. Additionally, do certainly not attach electrodes for you to burns, pieces, wounds or perhaps any injuries. Consult your personal doctor before by using this circuit.

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  1. ulrich marrel

    if i want to display the output votage of this circuit , whcit part of this circuit should be connected to the micro controler????? please , i need an answer!

  2. Michiel

    I have build this circuit but then i connect the transformer the led switches off , it is like the transformer is pulling to much power , any help would be much appreciated.

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