Small Audio Booster

Here the simple, low cost and easy audio booster circuit. It uses a transistor of 2N3392 ad the main amplifier.

simple audio booster

Component List:

R1 = 47K
R2 = 470K
R3 = 10K
R4 = 560R
R5 = 270R
C1 = 0.1uF/25v
C2 = 3.3uF/25v
C3 = 470uF/25V
P1 = 100K
Q1 = 2N3392
D1 = 5mm. Red Led
B1 = 9v Battery
J1 = RCA Audio Input Socket
J2 = RCA Audio Output Socket
S1 = On-Off Switch

This small audio booster circuit has a maximum gain of around 22 dB (voltage gain). The frequency response of the amplifier is decided primarily by the value of just a few components, primarily C1 and R1. The values within the schematic design present a response of ?3.0 dB from about 120 Hz to higher than 20,000 Hz. In fact, the frequency response is ruler flat from about 170 Hz to more than 20,000 Hz; it is the low end that deviates from a flat frequency response.

The low end’s roll-off is mainly a function of capacitor C1 (considering that RI’s resistive amount is fixed). If C1’s value is changed to 0.1 pF, the low end’s comer frequency-the frequency at which the low-end roll-off starts-is decreased to about 70 Hz. Should you need an even deeper low-end roll-off, modify C1 to a 1.0 pF capacitor; if it is an electrolytic type, make certain that it is installed into the circuit together with the appropriate polarity, with the positive terminal linked to Q1’s base terminal.

Take note that you must connect this small audio booster circuit before the power amplifier circuit.

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