White Line Follower

White line follower circuit diagram

This is the circuit diagram of white line follower toy. The actuator of the toy is the DC motor. This circuit can be used for?a toy car to follow a white?line, this circuit also known as very simple robot: “line follower without microcontroller”. The motor is either a?3v type with gearing to?steer the car or a rotary?actuator or a servo motor.

How the circuit work..?

When equal light is detected by the photo resistors the voltage on the base of the first transistor will be mid rail and the circuit is adjusted via the 2k2 potensiometer so the motor does not receive any voltage. When one of the LDR’s receives more (or less) light, the motor is turned on / activated. And the same thing will be happen when the other LDR receives less or more light.

You can see the below video as the result of this circuit project:


4 thoughts on “White Line Follower

  1. wahaj

    In my under standing servo motor here is only for turning the robot than how will robot run because there is no other motor?? and one other point is that in the video you use the robot with three tires so where you places servo motor? so basically i want to ask you is that how your robot is performing forward motion and how it turns?? I will wait for your answer…

  2. circuit diagram Post author

    This circuit built without microcontroller. You are unable to control the motor speed and direction through the program.

  3. niloy

    yep, plz anyone tell me is it not quite similar to line follower robot?? whats the basic difference between them or what extra components use here to follow white line.

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