100W RF Amplifier with BLY94

100W RF Amplifier with BLY94circuit diagram
This is a 100W RF amplifier built based on RF power transistor BLY94.

Active components: BLY94
Coaxial cable length : K x Lambda / 4, where K = 0.66 for 50 ohm cable and K = 0.8 for 75 ohm cable.
L1 = L6 = 2 turns / 1.5mm / 14mm
L2 = L7 = 8turns/0.8mm/4mm/ferite or HF
L3 = L8 = 4 turns / 2mm / 14mm / gap 1mm
L4 = L9 = 20turns/0.3mm / 3mm / ferite
L5 = L10 = 1 turn / 2mm / 15mm

BLY94 is a RF Power transistor in a SOT-55 case which operate in class-B with a Vce of 28V and a frequency transition of 175MHz. BLY 94 output power is 50W with a 7dB ( 6x ) power gain at 175MHz.

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  1. sharlie de los Rios Botero

    nada nesecito el costo de este transistor urgente. gracias

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