220V Touch Switch

This is a circuit of a touch switch used to turn on and turn off the electronic device that is connected to the 220V home electrical installations. This is a very simple circuit which use SCR T103 as the switching part.

220V Touch Switch circuit diagram

Components List:

R1 : 2M2
R2 : 10K
R3 : 1K
R4 : 2K2
R5 : 100K
R6 : 47K
C1 : 1NF
C2 : 47uF/25V
D? : 1N 4002
SCR : T 103
TR1,2 : FCS 9014

This circuit is connected directly to a 220V home electrical installations. “LOAD” on the schematic diagram above, is an electronic device with 220V AC current consumption.

Note: This circuit is a circuit with high voltage and current, you should use adequate safety devices before perform the experiment.

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