8W Fluorescent Lamp Inverter based ZTX652

8W Fluorescent Lamp Inverter circuit

This circuit is basically a 8W inverter circuit. The? circuit continues to be intended to drive an 8W fluorescent lamp from a 12V power supply, utilizing an cheap inverter primarily based on a ZTX652 transistor.

The inverter will operate from supplies in the variety of 10V to 16.5V, obtaining efficiencies up to 78% as a result causing it suitable for use in on-charge devices like as caravans / mobile homes / RVs and also periodically charged devices like as roadside lamps, camping lights or outhouse lights etc. Other capabilities on the inverter are that it oscillates at an inaudible 20kHz and that it contains reverse polarity protection.

Download the 8W fluorescent lamp inverter application note:
? Download Link

Download the ZTX652 datasheet:
? Download Link

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  1. Muhammad Aqil Khan

    i need 2000 watts ups circuit diagram.with kit

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