Adjustable Symmetric 1 to 24VDC, 1A Power Supply

Adjustable Symmetric Power Supply Schematic Diagram

This is the circuit diagram of adjustable symmetric 1 to 24VDC, 1A Power Supply. This power supply give dual output positive and negatif output, you can adjust both positif and negative output (+1 to +24VDC and -1 to -24VDC). This kind of power supply also known as dual polarity power supply or splitted power supply which give positive anf negatif output.

This power supply can be used for universal usage, which required not more than 1A DC current. Please take a note that you should adjust the output voltage using general multimeter or DC voltmeter before use this power supply to protect the supplied devices.

Circuit Features:

  • Low cost universal symmetric power supply
  • Just add a suitable transformer and a heatsink
  • Ideal for e.g. op-amp applications, amplifiers, …
  • Trimmers can be replaced by potmeters to allow continuous adjustment of output voltage
  • LED output indicators

Circuit Specifications:

  • Positive and negative output adjustable between 1.2 and 24VDC
  • Output current: up to 2 x 1A continuous (with suitable heatsink)
  • Max. input voltage: 2 x 24VAC
  • Very good line and load regulation
  • Low ripple
  • Short circuit protection
  • Thermal protection

Circuit Manual of Adjustable Symmetric 1 to 24VDC, 1A Power Supply:

Kit Version:
This circuit available in kit version by valleman, you may purchase this kit online.
Adjustable Symmetric Power Supply

One thought on “Adjustable Symmetric 1 to 24VDC, 1A Power Supply

  1. Mahendra Patil

    I am very much thankful to you for circuit diagram for 24vdc,1amp,linear ,low ripple power supply,i want to know
    where i will get ready kit of velleman.
    Thanks and regards.
    Mahendra Patil

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