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This is the collection of alarm schematic diagrams at The alarm provides a warning tone when an event takes place, for example: thefts, fires, and other events that are not normal. Alarms have the capability of causing a fight-or-flight response in humans; a person under this mindset will panic and either flee the perceived danger or attempt to eliminate it, often ignoring rational thought in either case. A person in such a state can be characterised as “alarmed”.

Sound Effect Generator UM3561

This is a really simple sound effect generator based single sound generator chip UM3561. The UM3561 will generate four kinds of sound effects. The basic operation is that the UM3561 will generate the sound signal, then the signal delivered to 2N3706 (as speaker driver) to be amplified so you can hear the sound from a… Read More »

Emergency Light + Alarm

This is the circuit diagram of emergency light included the alarm circuit to show you that there is no power source in your building due to shutted down or short circuit. When the electric in your home/company has been shutted down for maintenance and or shutted down due to short circuit, you may need this… Read More »

Wailing Alarm Siren

Here is the wailing alarm siren circuit diagram: Components List: R1,R5___________ 4.7K R2______________ 47K R3______________ 10K R4______________ 100K Rx______________ *see text C1,C4__________ 100uF/25V, electrolytic C2,C3__________ 0.01uF (10nF), ceramic T1_____________ 2N3702 (NTE159, TUP, etc.) IC1,IC2________ LM/NE555, MC1455P, etc LS_____________ Loudspeaker

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