DOD FX75 Flanger Guitar Effect Pedal

DOD FX75 Flanger Guitar Effect Pedal
This is the circuit diagram of DOD FX75 Flanger guitar effect pedal. The circuit drawn by Fabian P. Hartery.

Featuring a Width control and two output jacks, the FX75 was much more versatile than its predecessor, but the flanging effect it could provide was still not very intense. That said, chorus-like washes of flange can be easily dialed in, and the FX75 can sound quite musical.

Controls: Speed, Width, Regen

Components description:

  • CD4007 dual complementary pair with inverter; (RCA)
  • TL022C low power dual operating amplifier; (texas instruments)
  • MN3007 audio signal delay, 1024 stage low noise BBD (5.12-51.2 msec delay)
  • MN3101 clock generator for Bucket Brigade Device/BBD
  • MN3101/MN3007 manfufactured by Panasonic; these are equivalent To ECG1639/ECG1641 respectfully

Official schematic provided with pedal by DOD (dated 10/14/1984):

DOD fx75 scheme diagram ? ? ? ? DOD fx75

Download the schematic diagram of? DOD FX75 Flanger guitar effect pedal circuit in PDF document:

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