British Police Car Siren

This is the sound generator which will simulate British police car siren. The circuit is built using 2 pieces of timer IC 555 to generate sound frequency.

British Police Car Siren

How the circuit work:

The 555 on the right is wired as an alarm sound generator and the second 555 timer on the left is a 1 Hz astable multivibrator. The output of the left timer is to modulate the frequency of the right timer. This process will cause the right timers frequency to alternate between 440Hz and 550Hz at a 1 Hz cyclic rate. The transistor 2N3055 is used to amplify the sound signal to the loudspeaker, with transistor type of?2N3055, this circuit should be loudy 🙂 . This circuit should be nice for newbie hobbysts. This circuit works with 12VDC power supply or battery.

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3 thoughts on “British Police Car Siren

  1. Bas

    This worked for me after a change, change the 1n4001 around, only change around the 1n4001 which is located at the right IC555 very close to pin 8 and 4 on the diagram. just turn it around.

  2. naima

    this circuit diagram is pathetic .i advise u not to work on this circuit diagram .

  3. melvin

    required siren witth light indicating police

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