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35W Power Amplifier with STK-082

Here the great 35W power amplifier with single IC STK-082 from Sanyo Semiconductor. Simple circuit with high power output.. 🙂 This circuit uses symmetrical (dual polarity) power supply with maximum power voltage is 43V based on the datasheet document. The recommended voltage operation is +/- 30V. For stereo application, you just need to build two… Read More »

20W Power Tube Amplifier with EL34

The following diagram is the circuit diagram of 20W power amplifier which build based tube component EL34. EL34 is very famous tube and great for power tube amplifier. The circuit above is complete circuit contains tube amplifier circuit diagram and power supply circuit diagram. To make the stereo channel amplifier, build the similar amplifier circuit… Read More »

100W Power Amplifier Based IC TDA7294

This is a very interesting circuit design to assemble. There are 4in1 amplifier module in a circuit board. 100W power amplifier using the TDA7294, for the VU meter uses IC LM3914. The tone control preamp uses the well-known IC 4558. The symmetrical power supply module also included in the PCB.

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