5V Regulated Solar Cell Power Supply

Powered with solar panel, the circuit will give you 5V pure regulated DC voltage. This solar cell power supply circuit is made up of an oscillator transistor as well as a regulator transistor. The solar panel charges the battery when sunlight is bright enough to generate a voltage above 1.9v. A diode is necessary between… Read More »

3-Rail (+12V) / (+5V) / (-5V) Regulated Power Supply

This circuit generates 3 source regulated voltages applying a minimum of electronic parts. The output DC voltage are +12V ; +5V and -5V. Diodes D2 and D3 conduct full-wave rectification, at the same time charging capacitor C2 on each halves of the alternating current cycle. At the same time, diode D1 with capacitor C1, and… Read More »

Maestro Boomerang Pedal

Here the circuit diagram of Maestro Boomerang pedal / Wah-Wah pedal for electric guitar effect. Note: Transistors Q1 and Q2 were designated P-2356. The Maestro Boomerang is not only a wide range wah wah pedal but also a volume pedal. It’s deemed as one of the best wah pedals ever built – and I totally… Read More »

Electro Harmonix Fuzz-Wah Guitar Effect

This is the electro harmonix fuzz-wah guitar effect pedal circuit diagram. Circuit Notes: Q1 & Q2 are 2n3565 Fuzz bypass S1 has been improved to provide true bypass S3 chooses volume or wah-wah S5 provides for sweep reverse S2 gives just fuzz, just wah-wah / volume, or fuzz into wah-wah / volume S4 sets tone… Read More »

Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phaser Guitar Effect

This is the schematic diagram of Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phaser guitar effect pedal. The Small Stone is somewhat special in applying Operational Transconductance Amplifiers (OTA”s) for phase shift stages rather of opamps with variable resistors. All of the IC”s are house marked EH1048, but could be replaced with CA3094 that is a combination of an… Read More »

Transistored 10W Audio Amplifier

Build based operational amplifier NE5532 and a couple of power transistor TIP41A / TIP42A, this audio amplifier circuit has capability to deliver up to 10W audio power output into 8 ohm speaker.. Amplifier Parts list: P1 22K = Log.Potentiometer P2 = 100K Log.Potentiometer R1 = 820R R2, R4, R8 = 4K7 R3 = 500R Trimpot… Read More »

Switched ON Bike Lamp

Do you have a bicycle..? why don’t try to build this circuit..?. Powered using battery 3-6V. This circuit will help the bicycle driver in the night and help other people to know your presence. Switched ON Bike Lamp circuit diagram: Component part list: R1 = Photo resistor (any type) R2 = 22K 1/2W Trimmer Cermet… Read More »

3A Switching Power Supply Regulator

This is the circuit diagram of 3A switching power supply regulator: Simple and cheap, the circuit built based on well-known IC regulator LM317 with current booster of power transistor 2N3782. Don’t forget to add heatsink especially for power transistor 2N3782.

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